Hypothesis Testing Results Help Page

More information on how to start an analysis can be found in our Hypothesis Testing Analysis Guide

Steps to View Results:

  1. Once an analysis is complete it will appear on the results page. Click ‘View Result’ for more options and to view more information on that result. Below the test name used from the demo data is shown with a red #1 and the 'View Result' is shown with a red #2.

  2. Click on ‘Load interactive results’ to load the interactive results page (red #3). Your interactive results page will then begin loading and may take a few minutes. The ‘Get results’ button (red #4) will send an email with the .pdf and .csv result files.

  3. You will see a button labeled ‘View interactive results’ (red #5) once the loading process is complete. Click the button and a new tab will pop up with your interactive results.

  4. The interactive results page is available for 3 hours. You can always re-open a new interactive window by going back to the result page and re-clicking ‘Load interactive results’.

What do the results mean?

If you have any issues please do not hesistate to contact us